Recruitment and Selection

Identification of Suitable Candidates

We pride our selves on identifying suitable candidates that meet business’ requirements for the relevant the position. Clients can advertise the vacant positions through us and/or utilize our database and networks to identify qualified individuals.

Screening and Assessing Potential Candidates

Based on our clients’ needs we offer various screening methods such as:
• Personal Interviews
• Personality and Aptitude Tests
• Assessment Centres
Through this process we ensure that critical criteria such as required skills and knowledge, behavioural tendencies, competencies and cultural fit are evaluated.

Presenting of Short Listed Candidates

We present to our clients an overall evaluation of each short listed candidate.

Recruiting the Selected Candidates

Recruiting the Selected CandidatesWe assist in negotiating the salary and other terms of the contract with the successful candidate. We also prepare the relevant contract documents for the employment of the selected candidates.

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